Solo – Performance of the Saxophon master !


The Munich saxophon player Klaus Kreuzeder is one of the most famous German musicians.

Since his more than thirty years of professional music career he worked together with worldstars like Stevie Wonder, Sting, Al Di Meola, Al Jarreau, Bill Withers, David Sanborn and others.

Tournees with his own projects "AERA", "SAX AS SAX CAN" and "BIG little GIG" to South Africa, Brazil and to the Paralympics 96 in Atlanta, USA and Sydney 2000, AUSTRALIA, concerts in Madrid and Helsinki were other outstanding highlights of his remarkable career. The Paralympics 2004 in Athens, GREECE, concerts in Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey and Rhodos followed.

With one and a half years he got sick on polio and since that time he depends on a wheelchair. In his childhood he started to play flute in case of therapy. With 16 he changed to soprano saxophon. Since that times some thousands of concerts from little clubs to Olympic Stadions, some cinema and many TV documentaries, and film music made him wellknown over the German boarders.

Since 2000 Kreuzeder performs also as solo-saxplayer. At the Paralympics 2000 he presented the first time his half-playback program "Best of Kreuzeder" as the cultural ambassador of Germany.

The repertoire contains titels of his own projects and classics of his musician friends like Stevie Wonder, Sting, Al Jarreau, Doyle Dykes (one of the best fingerstyle guitarists of the world) and others.

A unique concert of extra class with Jazz, Fusion, Blues, Pop and Soul elements will be an unforgettable experience for the audience . "Best Of " Klaus Kreuzeder evenly.


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TRICK MUSIC is an independent label established 1985 and is working with unique artists in Germany and worldwide. We are producing, publishing and distributing our artists with heart and soul. Not mass and money, quality is our target !

Our most important artist is Klaus Kreuzeder, the world-renowned Munich based soprano-saxophon player. For the last 30 years Klaus Kreuzeder has been a celebrated saxophon soloist in Germany. The winner of different cultural prizes has performed with well known international superstars including Stevie Wonder, Sting, Al Jarreau, Al Di Meola, David Sunborn, Gianna Nannini, Dario Domingues, Jack Bruce, Bill Withers and German stars such as Udo Lindenberg, Xavier Naidoo and Konstantin Wecker.

He has given thousands of concerts throughout Germany and was touring in South Africa, the United States, Australia, Brasil, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland and Finland. His most important musical projects in the past had been the jazzrock-band "AERA" and the Instrumental-Duo "SAX AS SAX CAN".

Beside some special projects like "Blechschaden" he is performing with his Solo-Performance "Best Of". Kreuzeder blows his sax to create a special blend of jazz, fusion, blues, pop and soul. His unique warm and powerful sound lights up the performance halls and has garnered the attention of audiences and critics around the world with his rich, velvety tone.

Ever since suffering from polio in his early childhood Klaus Kreuzeder has been dependent on the wheelchair.

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